About Network of Progressive Church Planters

Church planting can be hard. The work can be even more difficult when you feel isolated. While it is some of the most invigorating and rewarding work we will ever do, there are days when we want to quit. There are other days when we simply need community with other church planters. The Network of Progressive Church Planters was created to give support and encouragement to planters. We gather on a closed Facebook group, so our conversations can be private. Over 200 planters from a variety of denominations, settings, and models for church planting have been a part of the Network. A typical post will be someone asking a question such as “How did you do this?” Other posts ask for prayer support when a planter is facing a tough challenge. Some people ask us what we mean by “Progressive.” You get to decide if you want to be called progressive. What is progressive in Kentucky looks different than what looks progressive in L.A. If you want to join the group you are welcome. There is no membership fee to join. You just need to be a planter in the first five years of your plant.

Cheri Holdridge serves as convener of this group. For more information contact Cheri.