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Paul’s numerous books have resourced church leaders throughout the world. 

Weird Church Study Guide


We, the authors, have created this study guide as a way of helping you structure fruitful conversations with your friends, your fellow church members, your clergy colleagues and/or those like-minded souls who (like you) are tired of church-as-it-currently exists and who are ready for something different.

Paul Nixon’s 2007 book, I Refuse to Lead a Dying Church was Pilgrim Press’ best selling title for two years.

“I Refuse” has provoked a turning point in scores of mainline Christian congregations, and sent Paul all over the US teaching pastor’s conferences and consulting with church leaders. Since then, he has followed up with four additional books, ranging in subject matter from ministry with Millennials to the DNA of churches that multiply ministry.

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We Refused to Lead a Dying Church tells 15 amazing stories of actual church turn-arounds –

different denominations, different parts of the United States, different theological sensibilities, different demographic issues – but each living out the six classic choices of Paul’s previous best-seller, I Refuse to Lead a Dying Church. At least six of the fifteen are still churches of less than 100 worshippers, but transformed, re-connected to their communities, and “back in the game.”

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Paul Nixon and Christie Latona coauthored Multiply Your Impact in 2013.

The book is minimalist in text, and is illustrated by an award-winning animator, who formerly worked on Sesame Street. It is a playful book for taking local church leaders into helpful conversations about the core practices and competencies that will enable innovation and ministry growth in the 21st century.



 Check out this interactive selection of Paul’s book, The Surprise Factor.