Weird Church Parties

A Weird Church Party is a gathering with Paul Nixon and/or Beth Estock, authors of Weird Church: Welcome to the Twenty-First Century. There will be a panel discussion of innovative church leaders, table conversation around some of the ideas in the book Weird Church, a brief author talk about the book, book signing and refreshments. These are held at churches, seminaries, community centers, book stores and the like all over North America and beyond. There is no cost for the Party itself, although the hosts may be asked to help with author transportation and lodging. FOR A SCHEDULE OF UPCOMING BOOK PARTIES, CLICK HERE. For more information on how to host a party, contact

Weird Church

Seminars and Retreats

Multiply Your Impact!

Multiply Your Impact! is an interactive one-day workshop for church leaders from selected congregations in a particular region. The focus is on creating a culture of ministry expansion and readiness to reach new people. In this fast-paced and practical day we will:

• Learn about the power of multiplication and four major drivers that enable churches to multiply their impact for Christ in their community

• Discover your church’s readiness in each of the four drivers

• Receive leadership tips for strengthening your ministry in each area

• Begin building a plan, including a detailed set of next steps for the next ninety days After Multiply Your Impact! your church will be on a fast-track to getting ready to plant or
birth new ministries for new people. Learn how to build multiplication DNA into your church so that new ministry births more new ministries, which in turn births more still! Your congregation can be more than a drop in a bucket. It can be a rapidly expanding cascade of blessing that changes your community in tangible ways.

Reroot your church in the 21st Century.

Launching a new worship service for a new constituency is the single most helpful thing most American churches could do to unlock God’s future for their communities. It is not a silver bullet, but when done right, this pushes a church into much of the critical work necessary to reroot themselves in twenty-first century community. And it will help the bless a lot of people who have never known that ”church could be like this.”

A High Energy One Day Event Focussed on Leading Change in Your Church.

A high-energy one day event with authors Paul Nixon and Kim Shockley ideal for the following gatherings:

Pastors Retreats
Seminars for pastors who are moving (just before moving day)
Church leader retreats for pastors and laity (in teams from each church)
Probationary Elders Formation Retreats (this is the stuff they surely did not get in seminary!)

The morning session will be a fast-paced presentation of the ten Surprise Factor strategies. In the afternoon, Kim will present key learning from the landmark Toward Vitality study that she led for the UMC in the last two years. Paul will close the day with a stirring call to pastors to build the coalitions (especially with laity) they need in order to win in the challenges of ministry!

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