Cheri Holdridge

has a passion for coaching church planters and community entrepreneurs. Born in Kansas, raised in Texas, educated in England and Atlanta, Cheri has been a pastor in Ohio for more than twenty-five years. After being a leader in the launch or turn-around of four churches or new church starts, Cheri now uses her experience to coach others in a variety of settings. She is the planter of The Village Church which is a unique partnership of the United Church of Christ and the United Methodist Church. The Village is most known for creating a welcoming environment for people historically marginalized by organized Christianity.
Cheri specializes in coaching heartland pastors with a focus on building progressive community, urban church planting and turn-arounds, and helping established churches launch new worship services. Cheri is the convener of the Epicenter Group’s Network of Progressive Church Planters. Cheri lives in Toledo with her husband, Kurt Young, their daughter Rebecca and son James.

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