Paul is a pastor, coach, and practicing ministry strategist combining his backgrounds as a practical theologian, a CEO at IT Company, and a research engineer for cutting-edge military high-tech applications. He enjoys his critical and creative thinking, theological reflection, and innovative approaches to his context-based coaching. He is a founder of ChurchParadigm, which provides a “relational pastoral ministry toolbox” to help, since 2000, more than 1000 leaders of religious and non-profit organizations be proactive about meeting emerging needs in the digital age.

He has been a church planter since 2007 after serving two mega churches in New York and New Jersey since 2002. His trend tracking analysis and plausible future scenario extrapolation did not just appear on paper as he brought them into an action in the form of new church-starts since 2006 for the next 11 years. One of them, in Manhattan, New York, was chartered in The United Methodist Church within three years under the multi-cultural leadership in their 20s and 30s. This young congregation had successfully launched a multisite by transferring her DNA of cultural competence and virality of the community. Within 18 months, this project resulted in planting five new faith communities at three different sites. Path1: New Church Start of The United Methodist Church recommended the congregation highly as “a thriving, vital, and new multiplying church in the Northeast Jurisdiction.”

He has been teaching in seminars, conferences, lectures, and even during conversations over a cup of coffee at Theological Seminaries, and events at Conference and District-levels. He has also consulted Fortune 500 companies over two decades, including Samsung and LG for their eBusiness need for innovative solutions. Contact Paul & Paul’s Blog.