is an urban church strategist, marathon runner, and failed improv comedy student.

Since 2000, he has pastored churches in the United Kingdom and in Chicago, where he has led successful church redevelopment projects and most recently launched Urban Village Church – a radically inclusive Gospel community that has started four sites in six years, reached mostly Millennial and Gen X people, and has become one of the fastest-growing congregations in the city.

As a ministry coach, Trey has also created a transformative training and coaching ground for young leaders called to engage cultural and church change. In addition to coaching planters in other contexts, Trey designed the Internship/Residency program at Urban Village, which has formed more than 30 leaders in the past five years, 30% of whom have gone on to launch new communities in different neighborhoods across the US.

In 2016, Trey opened Epicenter’s first ministry office outside of the US, in Birmingham, United Kingdom, and helps coach and resource the church starting and church redevelopment movement in the Britain and Europe. He also coaches and teaches regularly in the United States, working to understand and interpret learnings from ministry in largely secular Europe for the increasingly secular American context.

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