We, the authors, have created these study guides as a way of helping you structure fruitful conversations with your friends, your fellow church members, your clergy colleagues and/or those like-minded souls who (like you) are tired of church-as-it-currently exists and who are ready for something different.

Latest Resources

Muliti - Chemistry of Church Diversity

Paul Nixon’s latest book on “Multi”

“It comes with a group study guide for local church teams and/or clergy study groups”
“In a century where there all the former majorities are becoming minorities, everything changes! The churches that thrive in our time are increasingly diverse, bonding folks together across significant differences of neighborhood, life experience, world-view, language and generation. Multi is all about the practices and promise of a New Pentecost in North American Christianity”

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Weird Church

Weird Church

There is a new church in town. Rising from the ashes. A gift to coming generations! And it is so beautiful, so elegant, so Spirit-driven. Once your eyes focus and you are able to see it, you will send up a hearty prayer of thanks that you lived to see it!

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I Refuse to Lead a Dying Church

I Refuse to Lead a Dying Church

“I Refuse” has provoked a turning point in scores of mainline Christian congregations, and sent Paul all over the US teaching pastor’s conferences and consulting with church leaders. Since then, he has followed up with four additional books, ranging in subject matter from ministry with Millennials to the DNA of churches that multiply ministry.

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We Refused to Lead a Dying Church

We Refused to Lead a Dying Church

We Refused to Lead a Dying Church tells 15 amazing stories of actual church turn-arounds – different denominations, different parts of the United States, different theological sensibilities, different demographic issues – but each living out the six classic choices of Paul’s previous best-seller, I Refuse to Lead a Dying Church.

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Multiply Your Impact

Multiply Your Impact

The book is minimalist in text, and is illustrated by an award-winning animator, who formerly worked on Sesame Street. It is a playful book for taking local church leaders into helpful conversations about the core practices and competencies that will enable innovation and ministry growth in the 21st century.

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Free Downloadable Resources

How to Build A Culture of Lay Testimony in Your Congregation

We at Epicenter Stewardship decided to compile a list of best practices that will help a young church grow strong giving behavior among its leaders, its new believers and its young adults.

Ministry Planning Primer

Use this helpful resource written by Paul Nixon to bring your church to the next level through his working definitions and approaches to church planning.

How to Do 1 on 1s

Use this insightful and helpful guide to learn how to do a one on one – an in-person conversation meant to uncover, explore, and share the animating stories, core values, and motivating interests of each conversation partner.

What is Dinner Church?

Could the future of planting churches in a secular age be as simple as throwing a dinner party? Read this primer on dinner church to see if this style of church is right for you.

Weird Church

There is a growing number of leaders in traditional churches who are searching for ways to connect the gospel with a post-Christian culture, but they lack the framework and practices to begin experimenting in new ways. Enter Weird Church, as a vehicle for inspiration and ideas!

Readiness 360

Readiness 360 is an amazing tool for discovering and improving the readiness of your church for reaching new people. Paul Nixon is co-creator of this online tool, which has been used in more than 1300 congregations.

Mission Insite

Mission Insite is the premier demographics resource for ministry planning in North America.  We at Epicenter have been friends and colleagues of the leaders at Mission Insite for many years.  We adore this resource – and it is improving annually in its power.

Path 1

Path 1 is the United Methodist movement for new faith community development – it is the most developed such network of experts that exists within the American mainline Protestant community.  It is a critical go-to place for best practices, latest trends and pace-setting new paradigms in church life.

Church Audit

This form is used in preparation for onsite consultations by Epicenter coaches. Feel free to use it! 

Prayer Walk Guide

Walking so that our minds and our souls can focus on listening to God. A guide by Cheri Holdridge.

Two-Minute Street Survey

Use this helpful tool to know what your neighbors are thinking! Apply it to your ministry setting. Grow your church!

Sample Format for a Community Focus Group

Use this sample format for a community focus group to build your own to use in your community.