Seminars & Retreats

Our seminar leaders will stretch your theological imagination and help bring you, and your church, into God’s desired future.

Seminars & Retreats

Desert Pilgrimage 2020

April 21-24, 2020 Epicenter will sponsor our first Desert Pilgrimage event in beautiful Palm Springs, California (Paul Nixon’s west coast hometown).  We are working with a local resort to create a four day event that incorporates learning and playing, fasting and feasting, solitude and community, soul work and ministry pragmatics.  For those who attended Weird Church Camp in Colorado in summer of 2017, this event will pick up that vibe, but with a full day added, and the ability to dive deeper into contemplative work or into practical learning.  Participants are invited to bring family, tennis racquets and/or golf clubs, if they wish. This event will offer 3 CEUs. 
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Mobilize Leadership Summit

Mobilize Your Church for a Better Ministry Story

Paul Nixon and Paul Moon lead an ideas-packed day focused on three of four critical areas of ministry competency.  You choose the areas you want them to cover. Or as a two-day event, we can treat all four areas.  These are (1) ongoing culture shift post-Christendom, (2) digital ministry competency, (3) embracing and managing diversity within congregations and (4) taking core ministries beyond the church building.

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Your Church’s Multi Challenge

We are living in a multi world, where there will soon cease to be a majority of anything in the United States.  All religions, all political parties, all races will enjoy minority status.  And all great movements will bridge such diversity in ways that evoke a sense of Pentecost.  Is your church ready to live boldly into the Multi Century?  Content based in part on Paul Nixon’s 2019 book Multi.

Multiply Your Impact

The Readiness 360 inventory, authored by Paul Nixon and Christie Latona, is one of the most accurate diagnostics of congregational readiness to create new ministry for new people.  Over 1000 congregations have taken Readiness 360 – involving tens of thousands of American church members.  We have normed the results to teach some powerful principles about what drives some churches to innovate and create new places for new people.  We recommend that participant churches take the Readiness 360 inventory ahead of time.  A detailed, customized Readiness report (20 plus pages) is included for each congregation

The Domino Effect

Join Jason Moore and Paul Nixon for a day of learning about how churches create engaging and multi-sensory worship experiences around culturally relevant metaphors.  This is a great all-day event for worship teams.

Tend the Flame 

Tend the Flame is a spiritual encounter retreat for tired, hurting, discouraged, and even burned-out ministry professionals (lay and clergy) who seek renewal, healing, and practical skills for more joyful and authentic living.

Gary Shockley has an MDiv from Ashland Theological Seminary in Ashland, Ohio and an MA in Formative Spirituality from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA.  Gary is a Spiritual Director and a CPE trained Professional Health Care Chaplain. He has a certificate of completion in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy); is a Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach and an award-winning visual artist and children’s book illustrator. Gary is a professional member of SDI, (Spiritual Directors International) and ACBS (Association for Contextual Behavioral Science). Gary is a retired elder of the United Methodist Church living in Huntersville NC with his wife Kim who is a professional ICF Coach.

Participants will experience powerful and practical tools for profound life change, discover how to be less stressed and more in tune with whom God created them to be, accept personal suffering and loss as pathways rather than detours on their journey toward wholeness and find greater joy and fulfilment in relationships with loved ones.
Gary Shockley serves as the leader of Tend the Flame. Gary studied Formative Spirituality at Duquesne University. He is a Spiritual Director and CPE-trained health care chaplain. He is trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and is a Certified Art Life Coach.

We are happy to bring any of these events to your community or judicatory. 
To learn more about any of these events, please contact us with your questions!

Upcoming Events

Mobilize Leadership Summit Flyer 2019

Mobilize Leadership Summit 2019

Epicenter Group and LeadershipEdges will be teaming up to offer a daylong leadership summit nationwide. We are calling this event: “Mobilize Your Church for a Better Ministry Story.”  This fast-paced day will be focused on three adaptive changes critical to 21st century ministry:

  • Harnessing the digital revolution to help us in our mission
  • Developing the kinds of practices that make possible a MULTI kind of ministry
  • Shifting the center of the church’s interface with the world beyond the church walls.

The summit is designed to help attendees create a simple plan for next steps that they can begin implementing the very next day. 

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